Drink Your Way To Dental Health!  

By Dr Jess

Drinking water can save your teeth…


Maintaining adequate hydration is vital to maintaining dental health.


The first sign of dehydration is a decrease in the production of spit. Have a look under your tongue in the mirror… If you don’t quickly see a pool form or if the spit you see has lots of bubbles in it… then you are not making good spit and you probably need to drink more water.


Healthy spit washes away sugars and acids that can damage your teeth. It even helps to heal any early holes in your teeth by carrying dissolved calcium and fluoride to remineralise weakened tooth structure.


As part of a regular check up at Meadowbrook Dental your dentist will review the “quality and quantity” of your saliva to ensure that your spit is helping to keep your teeth healthy.

Glasses of Water