Facial Injectables

In some cases, achieving a new smile is more than just fixing up your teeth or your skin. It requires a harmonious blend so condition of one does not distract from the other. The importance of having healthy teeth is well understood for a beautiful smile, but skin damage brought upon by aging is inevitable and can make you look tired and unhappy, providing a distraction to your smile.

Here at Meadowbrook Dental Synergy, we provide facial injectables that can assist with relaxing the facial muscles, allowing the skin to rejuvenate. Be assured that dentist are highly qualified to treat the facial region due to high levels of practical skills and anatomical knowledge of this facial region. Dentist’s also have a very strong understanding when combining Teeth and the enhancement of the external soft tissue to provide a complete approach when giving you a new smile.

Dr Jacky Yu is highly trained in dento-facial aesthetics and facial injectables through Australasian Academy Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). As a trusted industry professional, all of our treatments are delivered by trained and experienced professionals, who will ensure your safety at all times in a modern and sterile clinical environment.

The common areas treated with facial injectables are

* Frown Lines

* Crows feet lines around eyes

* Forehead Lines

* Eye brow lifting

* Droopy mouth corners

* Gummy smile

* Smoking Lines around the mouth

* Temporomandibular dysfunction

Have a consultation with Dr Jacky Yu for facial injectables at your next check up and clean appointment.