Healthy Foods & Your Teeth

By Dr Jess

Health Foods aren’t always good for your teeth.


There are many “health foods” which can actually put your teeth in danger of decay. Some of the sneakiest ones are those that we may choose as a “good choice” for our morning tea. But morning tea is the meal which is furthest away from the time when you are next going to brush your teeth and so the little bits and pieces that may hang around in your mouth will be there for a LONG time.

So what are the “healthy” bad guys? I have seen some real damage done by people snacking on dried fruits, nibbling muesli bars and sipping sports drinks. These hidden sugars are often consumed frequently over the course of the day causing accelerated plaque formation and decay. It is not how much sugar you eat or whether it is natural or processed sugars…. It is HOW OFTEN AND WHEN you have sweet things that determines if you develop holes.


Come and have a chat to us about simple changes you can make to reduce your risk of developing decay.

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