How to Avoid the Dentist!

By Dr Jess

We know that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but how do we keep the dreaded dentist away? It is all about what you do for the 6 months between check ups that makes the difference. Brushing your teeth morning and night destroys plaque biofilm, wrecking the “factory” that converts the sugars you eat into the acids that make holes in your teeth. It takes 12 hours for the layers of germs to build up which is why it has to be done twice every day. If you are only brushing once a day then there is 12 hours where the plaque acid factory is working to put holes in your teeth. Certain conditions can change this 12 hour rule so we take a detailed medical and social history to assess your individual oral hygiene requirements. Be sure to discuss a customized oral hygiene plan at your next dental check up with Meadowbrook Dental Synergy.