Why Do My Gums Bleed?

By Dr Jess

Bleeding from the gums is your bodies reaction to the plaque and bacteria that build up on your teeth. When plaque is allowed to sit on the gumline for more than about 24 hours your body reacts to try to fight these germs off by sending lots of blood and inflammatory cells to that area to kill those germs. This makes your gums swollen and red looking and causes them to bleed easily when you brush.


So how do I fix it?


Brush more! Use a soft toothbrush to gently but thoroughly clean away all of the plaque accumulated at the gumline. Once the bugs are gone your body won’t have to fight so hard and will stop sending all that blood to the surface.


Still bleeding?


If your gums still bleed when you brush after 3-4 days of regular thorough brushing then there may be some calculus making those gums angry. You can’t get calculus off with a toothbrush… so come see us for a professional clean to get your teeth and gums back to being healthy.

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