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Dental Extractions 

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. If you are facing a tooth extraction, it can seem a little daunting and nerve-wracking but the team at Meadowbrook Dental Synergy are here to help. 

In many cases, you can repair teeth that are broken or damaged by decay with a filling, crown, or other dental treatment. Sometimes, though, the damage is too severe to repair, so your dentist will recommend extraction.


Here are some other reasons tooth extraction might be necessary:

  • Decay or infection has reached deep into the tooth

  • Trauma or injury

  • Orthodontic treatment might require tooth extraction to create room for the teeth as they move into place

  • Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are often extracted either before or after they erupt.

Wisdom Teeth

The third adult molar teeth are commonly called ‘wisdom teeth’. These are usually the last teeth to appear in the mouth, generally around the age of 18-25 years.

Most people will have four wisdom teeth, but they may never or only partially appear in the mouth. Some people will not develop wisdom teeth or they may have one, two or three.

Wisdom teeth are often impacted, meaning something is stopping them from pushing all the way into the mouth. This may be a lack of space between the second molar tooth and the bone behind.

There are several reasons why wisdom teeth may be removed.

  • The teeth are impacted.

  • They are at risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

  • The gum around the wisdom tooth becomes infected multiple times.

  • They may be affected by a cyst or tumour.

Wisdom teeth can be removed by your general dentist or a dental specialist, such as an oral surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon. The teeth can be removed in the dental chair or at a hospital. 

  • How often do I need a check up?
    We recommend every 6 months.
  • How often should I have my teeth cleaned?
    Generally every 6 months, however the dentist can advise you how often after assessing your teeth and gums.
  • How often do I need x-rays?
    X-rays are recommened every 2 years, however there maybe instances where the dentist may need a new image.
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