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Zoom Teeth Whitening

In-office Whitening

Up to 8 Shades Whiter teeth in just 1 hour Using Philips Zoom


With Philips Zoom! in-office whitening, you can unlock a smile up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes*. The added bonus? You get outstanding results with little to no sensitivity.


Advanced blue LED light-accelerated whitening delivers dramatic results in minimal time. In 45 minutes your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter*, reversing stains from food and drinks, ageing, even discolouration from some types of medication.


You’ll leave Meadowbrook Dental Synergy with an instantly brighter, more confident smile.

Meadowbrook Dental Synergy Whitening
  • How often do I need a check up?
    We recommend every 6 months.
  • How often should I have my teeth cleaned?
    Generally every 6 months, however the dentist can advise you how often after assessing your teeth and gums.
  • How often do I need x-rays?
    X-rays are recommened every 2 years, however there maybe instances where the dentist may need a new image.
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